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Activities, Games and Resources for parents of small children
DRAA is excited to share DLUX Puppets’ Quarantine Time Machine (trailer available at youtu.be/x7HQYoCB4mA). The Quarantine Time Machine is sponsored by Kaiser Permanente. Because of their support, the content is free of charge to all. The intent of the 4-part video series is to help young students deal with their feelings about the COVID-19 pandemic in a fun, engaging, and relevant way. While content is geared toward students in K-3, there are extensions for engaging students in grades 4-5. All written materials are available in Spanish as well. Please take a moment to REGISTER (6 short questions) so that we can see where this content is reaching and what age groups are benefiting. All of the content can be accessed at www.quarantinetimemachine.com.
Step 1 – Gather 2 plastic straws, construction paper, scissors, ribbon or string.
Step 2 – Cut both straws into roughly 1" sections. Cut a 5" strip down each construction paper color and fold the 5" strips in half.
Step 3 – Cut a half-flower shape on the folded edge of the paper. This can be as simple as three curves. You can stack your papers and do all colors at once.
Step 4 – After the flowers are cut, create a center hole by cutting a half-circle along the folded edge of the small flower.
Step 5 – Start Stringing your flower and straw beads, alternating shapes and colors.
Step 6 – Now you have a finished Hawaiian Lei necklace!

1. Materials needed—scissors, glue stick, 4 sheets of construction paper: black, white, light blue, dark blue.
2. On the light blue paper, cut a jagged line all the way across the paper on the long edge. Start the cut around 3/4 up the page.
3. On the dark blue paper, cut a jagged line all the way across the paper on the long edge. Start the cut around 1/2 up the page. 
4. On the black paper, cut a jagged line all the way across the paper on the long edge. Start the cut around 1/4 up the page. 
5. On your full white sheet, glue the papers in the order you cut—light blue in back, then dark blue, then black. The finished piece shows layers of mountains going into the distance.
Step 1: Materials needed- yellow construction paper, black construction paper, 1 toilet paper cardboard tube, scissors, glue.
Step 2: Cut your yellow construction paper to the same height as your cardboard tube. Wrap and glue around the tube, cutting off any excess.
Step 3: Cut 5 black strips of paper approx. 1/2" wide.
Step 4: Wrap each black stripe around your tube, leaving space in between to create a black and yellow stripe pattern. Glue and cut off any excess. Take a 4"x4" square of leftover black paper and trim it into a circle.
Step 5: Cut your circle into equal halves. These will be your wings.
Step 6: Glue to the top of the tube in an open orientation. Your bumble bee is finished!
For more ideas from the From the Frederick R. Weisman Museum of Art, go to:
For More Dance Activities like this, go to:
Go Noodle!
Great BCC
Safe Space Talks are small group discussions for BCC students that are facilitator-led.

October Theme: Domestic Violence and Family Abuse

November Theme: Mental Health and Suicide 

December Theme: Poverty in Minority Communities 

If you are interested in facilitating a discussion on a knowledgeable topic, please contact Christina Calderon at [email protected] 
Kognito trainings teach faculty, staff, and students to recognize mental distress, with the goal of connecting students to support services.

Each training takes 30-60 minutes to complete and is structured as a virtual practice environment where users learn by engaging in interactive role-play conversations with emotionally responsive student avatars. The suite is available at no-cost to all California community college faculty, staff, and students.


Coach Option: Students can request a dedicated coach who will monitors your progress through your program, providing guidance and encouragement via regular reviews.

SilverCloud is a free online mental health tool that can help BCC students develop skills for managing stress, anxiety, sleep, and depression. Based on cognitive behavioral therapy principles, the self-guided program can be accessed 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. 

SilverCloud’s Learning Modules:
Space for Anxiety
Space for Depression
Space for Depression and Anxiety 
Space for Stress
Space for Insomnia and Sleep
Space for Resilience

Coach Option: Students can request a dedicated coach who will monitors your progress through your program, providing guidance and encouragement via regular reviews.

Mindful Mondays: 
In each Mindful Monday session, Nanette Duarte, a Barstow College Counselor, will lead you through one or two mindfulness or meditation techniques focused on relaxation and calming your nervous system. 

Open to the Community. 
No experience necessary
Monday, October 26th @ 12:00pm—1:00pmMonday, November 9th @ 12:00pm—1:00pmMonday, November 23rd @ 12:00pm—1:00pmMonday, December 7th @ 12:00pm—1:00pm

Mindful Mondays: 

Contact Information: Nanette Duarte [email protected]

BCC has dedicated a space for Mental Health and Wellness on the college website: 

Community members can access the following pages: 
Apply Benefits: 

Local Mental Health Resources:

Coping During COVID-19:

Help and Crisis Resources:


Dr. Christa
Dr. Banton began her career working as a social worker for the Department of Public Health-HIV Program where she worked with individuals impacted by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. From there, she transitioned to the University of California San Diego, Department of Psychiatry working with the individuals who were newly released from incarceration returning to the San Bernardino County area. She went on to work for Children and Family Services as a Social Service Practitioner and then finally as a Supervising Social Services Practitioner for thirteen years. She has worked in direct services as well as in new program design, training, program implement and monitoring, and supervision.

Dr. Banton is a licensed marriage and family therapist and was in private practice. Her mental health specialties include education, motivation, relationship and trauma focused practice. In addition, she teaches at several schools in the local area on topics that include trauma, child abuse/neglect, mandated reporting, psychology and human services.

Contact Information: 
[email protected] 

The Mindful Space, is now open “virtually.” Dr. Christa Banton, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and our new Mental Health Counselor, is available to assist the varying mental health needs of our students

Services that are provided through The Mindful Space include individual psychotherapy, coaching, group therapy, assessment, crisis intervention, consultation, referrals to additional services in the community, and disciplinary intervention. 

Each student will receive 6 sessions per semester of individual therapy  

Teletherapy is being offered while we are off campus  

Sessions can be 30 to 60 minutes depending upon the needs/preference of the student  

We are open Monday through Friday from 8-5pm for appointments  

Appointments can be made easily through a student’s Single Sign On portal  

Appointments can also be made by emailing The Mindful Space  

All services are personal, private, and confidential 

Contact Information:
[email protected]

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

There once was a shepherd boy who was bored as he sat on the hillside watching the village sheep. To amuse himself he took a great breath and sang out, "Wolf! Wolf! The Wolf is chasing the sheep!"

The villagers came running up the hill to help the boy drive the wolf away. But when they arrived at the top of the hill, they found no wolf. The boy laughed at the sight of their angry faces.

"Don't cry 'wolf', shepherd boy," said the villagers, "when there's no wolf!" They went grumbling back down the hill.

Later, the boy sang out again, "Wolf! Wolf! The wolf is chasing the sheep!" To his naughty delight, he watched the villagers run up the hill to help him drive the wolf away.

When the villagers saw no wolf they sternly said, "Save your frightened song for when there is really something wrong! Don't cry 'wolf' when there is NO wolf!"

But the boy just grinned and watched them go grumbling down the hill once more.

Later, he saw a REAL wolf prowling about his flock. Alarmed, he leaped to his feet and sang out as loudly as he could, "Wolf! Wolf!"

But the villagers thought he was trying to fool them again, and so they didn't come.

At sunset, everyone wondered why the shepherd boy hadn't returned to the village with their sheep. They went up the hill to find the boy. They found him weeping.

"There really was a wolf here! The flock has scattered! I cried out, "Wolf!" Why didn't you come?"

An old man tried to comfort the boy as they walked back to the village.

"We'll help you look for the lost sheep in the morning," he said, putting his arm around the youth, "Nobody believes a liar...even when he is telling the truth!"
The City Mouse and the Country Mouse

There once was a mouse who liked his country house until his cousin came for a visit.

"In the city where I live," his cousin said, "we dine on cheese and fish and bread. Each night my dinner is brought to me. I eat whatever I choose. While you, country cousin, work your paws to the bone for humble crumbs in this humble home. I'm used to finery. To each his own, I see!"

Upon hearing this, the country mouse looked again at his plain brown house. Suddenly he wasn't satisfied anymore. "Why should I hunt and scrape for food to store?" he said. "Cousin, I'm coming to the city with you!"

Off they went into the fine town house of the plump and prosperous city mouse.

"Shhh! The people are in the parlor," the city mouse said. "Let's sneak into the kitchen for some cheese and bread."

The city mouse gave his wide-eyed country cousin a grand tour of the leftover food on the table. "It's the easy life," the city mouse said, and he smiled as he bit into a piece of bread.

Just as they were both about to bite into a chunk of cheddar cheese, in came the CAT!

"Run! Run!" said the city mouse. "The cat's in the house!"

As the country mouse scampered for his life out of the window, he said, "Cousin, I'm going back to the country! You never told me that a CAT lives here! Thank you, but I'll take my humble crumbs in comfort over all of your finery with fear!"